Hi! I’m Scott Schirmer

‘It’s been a journey to get here and I am stoked to be able to help you on your own journey!

I am certified in Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch. I have my yoga 200-hour certification and I am an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

My path to mobility and Functional Range Conditioning was a long winding road but I am grateful I found it. My body has never felt better than it does today. I have been a union construction worker for 17+ years now. Needless to say, that takes a toll on your body.

I trained in powerlifting for 3 years. Thought that training was continuously interrupted by injury (primarily lower back) I was able to compete in three meets over that time.

After trying massage, acupuncture and everything in between to fix my back I decided to try yoga. Everyone I saw told me I was too “tight”, so I figured yoga would get me “loose” and injury-free.

A funny thing happened though. I got hooked on yoga! Gym time started to fall off as I spent more time on my mat. The only thing was my body wasn’t feeling any better. On top of that now my wrist and shoulders had aches and pains that weren’t there before. It just didn’t make sense!

Luckily, after a year or so I was introduced to yogis on Instagram who took a more functional movement-based approach to their way they practiced and taught yoga. That is when everything started to not only change but make sense!

While I was soaking up as much as I could from them, I learned they both trained in Functional Range Conditioning and this was where a lot of their concepts came from.

That’s when I dove headfirst into FRC. The further I went down the FRC rabbit hole the more things about my injuries started to make sense. I was asking my body to do things it did not have the prerequisite mobility to do. At work, powerlifting and on my yoga mat.

I knew that I needed to focus on improving my functional mobility not only to continue to do the things I liked to do in life but the simple, taken-for-granted tasks I need to do on a daily basis.

Movement truly is life.  We want our joints to move well as we age, so we move well as we age. That was we can continue to do things we not only love to do but need to do for us to stay active and independent.

I am here to help you achieve that mobility!